September 25, 2012

print the news!

hey Folks! check it out the new 2 prints! ( And I have to say: huge honor have two of my artwork colored by Maiolo!!! this guy is a good friend, and a Awesome colorist!) they will be available at NYCC!! table z7b!

September 15, 2012

what you expect when you're expecting...MUTE

so, this is an Exclusive page of my new comic MUTE hope you guys enjoy!

I'm Back folks!

Hey! After almost a year, I'm trying back to the blog... I know you guys are NOT asking yourself what, I'm not gonna tell! oh,One more thing, My New Comic called MUTE is almost done!!! so,if you want one or more copy send me a e-mail. it's only 500 copy!!! so get yours soon!